The Regional Tourist Organisation of Three Rivers

We, Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna Trzech Rzek, functioning as a part of the Partnership in the Valley of Three Rivers, wish to invite all the tourism and country tourism lovers to visit our area.

Here, in the place where the beds of three rivers (Vistula, Narew and Wkra) unite, the nature has created perfect conditions for both active and leisure family tourism.

The Great Areas of Kampinos Forest and Zegrze Reservoir as well as the picturesque location of the Modlin Fortress attract an increasing number of tourists here every year... read more about LOT

Kampinos National Park
Unique forest complex situated at the heart of Mazowsze. "Warsaw's green lungs". Important spot in birds’ migration flyway, added to the UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves.
The Modlin Fortress
The Modlin Fortress is a European-wide unique complex of the 19th century fortified buildings. Napoleon’s Bonaparte idea, constructed and expanded for over the century since 1806. Impregnable, enchanted fortress on Narew and Vistula slopes. History right in your hand.
Zegrze Reservoir
The largest water reservoir in Mazovia. Mecca for water sports lovers, especially for sailing and canoeing. Excellent conditions for fishing lovers.